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8.3 Specific Standards and Applications for Development Approval
§ 8.3B. Amendments to Text of Ordinance or Zone District Map (Rezoning) To provide a means for amending the text of this Ordinance or making an amendment to the Zone District Map (Rezone). § 8.3C. Planned Unit Development Overlay (PUD-O) Before any development shall be designated as a Planned Unit Development Overlay (PUD-O) zone district on the Zone District M... § 8.3D. Special Use Permit Special uses are permitted with the approval of a special use permit from the Planning Commission in the zoning district(s) i... § 8.3E. Variances There are two types of variances allowed under the terms of this Ordinance: dimensional variances and use variances. § 8.3F. Appeals of Administrative Decisions Any person aggrieved or effected by any order, decision, determination, or interpretation made by the City Planner or other a... § 8.3G. Administrative Adjustments This section sets out the procedures and standards for administrative adjustments, which are modifications of 10% or less of ... § 8.3H. Site Plan Review The purpose and intent of this section is to establish procedures and standards for review and approval of development to ens... § 8.3I. Sign Permit A sign permit shall be required pursuant to the procedures of this section and the standards of Chapter 7: Signs. § 8.3J. Temporary Use Permit The provisions of this section shall apply to all proposed temporary uses as set forth in § 4.3: Accessory and Temporary Uses... § 8.3K. Approval of Zoning Compliance An approval of zoning compliance shall be required in accordance with the provisions of this section in order to ensure that ... § 8.3L. Interpretations Interpretations to this Ordinance shall be made by the City Planner. § 8.3M. Beneficial Use Determination The purpose and intent of the City Commission is that every landowner in the City enjoys all reasonable economically benefici...