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DDA District and Southtown Design Review District Procedures
(1) The Downtown Design Standards and Guidelines (Standards & Guidelines) are adopted and incorporated into this ordinance by reference. All development in the geographic boundary area defined in Subsection C(2) shall follow those design and development regulations set forth in the Standards & Guidelines.

(2) The Standards & Guidelines apply to all buildings, structures, properties and uses in the same geographic boundary area to which the City of Kalamazoo Downtown Development Authority applies (Such area is identified as DDA District and is further depicted in the City of Kalamazoo Zoning Code, under § 2.3G.), and also apply to all buildings, structures, properties and uses in the Southtown Design Review District, except structures solely used as single-family residential structures, duplex homes, and multifamily residential structures. The Southtown Design Review District is defined as all parcels bordered by E. Walnut Street to the north, Portage Street to the east, Stockbridge Avenue to the south, and S. Burdick Street to the west. The Standards & Guidelines apply to those buildings, structures, properties and uses on both sides of the streets that represent the boundaries of the DDA District and the boundaries of the Southtown Design Review District.

(3) Before any building, structure or property located in the DDA District or the Southtown Design Review District is constructed, developed, renovated or rehabilitated, the property owner, or the builder, contractor, developer or person or entity performing the work, shall submit to the City Planner, including the City Planner's duly designated representative(s), the proposal for the project. An Administrative Review Committee (ARC), consisting of staff designated from both the City of Kalamazoo and Downtown Development Authority, is established. After the project proposal is submitted to the City Planner, the ARC shall review such project and assign it as either a Tier I or Tier II project, as set forth in the Standards & Guidelines. A Downtown Design Review Committee (DDRC), as established under § 11.5 of the Zoning Ordinance, shall review projects assigned to Tier II. Once a tier level has been assigned to a project, the review shall follow the steps as outlined in the Standards & Guidelines. For those projects assigned to Tier II that require site plan review, the final review of the project by the Site Plan Review Committee shall follow the process outlined in § 11.4 of the Zoning Ordinance that is consistent with the Standards & Guidelines.

(4) By resolution, the City Commission may amend the Standards & Guidelines, including the makeup of the ARC and DDRC Review Committees. Before the City Commission adopts any proposed amendments to the Standards & Guidelines, the City of Kalamazoo Planning Commission shall first review them and report its comments and recommendations to the Commission.

(5) Copies of the Standards & Guidelines shall be made available or accessible to the public at the City Clerk's office, at the Department of Community Planning and Development, or through the City of Kalamazoo website.