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§ 8.3. Development Review Procedures
The table below summarizes the development review procedures for all types of applications for development approvals and other permits outlined in this section.

Note: Individual Procedures are linked in the table below. For complete information from the code, please reference § 8.3: Specific Standards and Applications for Development Approval. directly. 
Table 8.3-1 Development Review Procedures
[Amended 3-19-2007 by Ord. No. 1822]
Procedure Review and Decision-Making Authority Notices (Written, Newspaper)
Text Amendments (§ 8.3A) R       N
Zone District Map Amendments (§ 8.3B) R       W, N
Planned Unit Development District (§ 8.3C) R       W, N
Special Use Permit (§ 8.3D) R       W, N
Variance (§ 8.3E) R       W
Appeals of Administrative Decisions (§ 8.3F)     W
Administrative Adjustments
(§ 8.3G)
Site Plan Review            
  CBTR District (§ 8.3H) R DM        
  All other districts (§ 8.3H) DM
(if delegated)
(if not delegated)
Sign Permit (§ 8.3I) DM      
Temporary Use Permit
(§ 8.3J)
Certificate of Zoning Compliance (§ 8.3K) DM          
Interpretations (§ 8.3L) DM          
Beneficial Use Determinations (§ 8.3M)       R    
PC = Planning Commission
ZBA = Zoning Board of Appeals
HO = Hearing Officer
CC = City Commission
R = Review Body (Responsible for Review and Recommendation)
DM = Decision-Making Body (Responsible for Final Decision to Approve or Deny)
A = (Appellate) Authority to hear and decide appeals of Decision-Making Body's or Staff's action
<> = Public Hearing Required
N = Published Notice pursuant to § 8.1I2, Published Notice
W = Written notice pursuant to § 8.1I3, Written (Mailed) Notice.