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§ 8.3L. Interpretations

1. Authority. Interpretations to this Ordinance shall be made by the City Planner, including: interpretations of the text of this Ordinance; interpretations of the zone district boundaries; and interpretations of whether an unspecified use falls within a use classification or use group allowed in a zone district.
2. Initiation. A written interpretation may be requested by the City Commission, the Planning Commission, or any resident, landowner or person having a contractual interest in land in the City.
3. Procedure.
a) Submission of Request for Interpretation. Before a written interpretation shall be provided by the City Planner, a request for interpretation shall be submitted to the City Planner in writing in a form established by the City Planner and made available to the public.
b) Determination of Sufficiency. Within seven days after a request for interpretation has been submitted, the City Planner shall determine whether it is sufficient.
1) If the City Planner determines that the request is not sufficient, a notice shall be provided to the applicant specifying the deficiencies. The City Planner shall take no further action on the request for interpretation until the deficiencies are remedied. If the applicant fails to respond to the deficiencies within 30 days, the request for interpretation shall be considered withdrawn.
2) When the request for interpretation is determined sufficient, the City Planner shall review the request and render an interpretation pursuant to the procedures and standards of this section.
c) Rendering of Interpretation. Within 30 days after the request for interpretation has been determined sufficient, the City Planner shall review and evaluate the request in light of the Comprehensive Plan, this Ordinance, the Zone District Map, and other relevant codes and statutes, consult with the City Attorney or other effected City staff, and then render an interpretation.
d) Form. The interpretation shall be in writing and sent to the applicant by mail within seven days after the interpretation is made by the City Planner.
4. Appeal. Any person aggrieved by a written interpretation from the City Planner may appeal the interpretation to the Zoning Board of Appeals pursuant to § A-8.3F: Appeals of Administrative Decisions, by filing a written appeal of the administrative decision/determination with the City Planner pursuant to § A-8.3F.2.a).