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§ 8.3I. Sign Permit
1. Purpose. A sign permit shall be required pursuant to the procedures of this section and the standards of Chapter 7: Signs, to ensure that proposed development complies with the requirements for signage established by this Ordinance.

2. Applicability. A sign permit shall be approved for all signs, except those signs exempted pursuant to § A-7.3A.2: Exemptions.

3. Procedure.
a) Initiation, Application and Contents, Fees and Submission. The procedures for initiation of an application for a sign permit, the application contents, fees, application submission and sufficiency determination shall comply with those relevant provisions in § 8.1: General Provisions.
b) Action by Zoning Inspector. After the application is determined sufficient, the Zoning Inspector shall review the application and determine whether the application complies with the standards in Chapter 7: Signs.
c) Approval. If the Zoning Inspector finds that the application complies with the standards in Chapter 7: Signs, the Zoning Inspector shall approve the sign permit.
d) Fails to Comply.
1) If the Zoning Inspector determines the application fails to comply with the requirements of Chapter 7: Signs, the applicant shall be provided comments explaining why the application fails to comply with the review requirements, and an opportunity to submit a revised application. A revised application shall be reviewed by the Zoning Inspector within a reasonable time after its resubmittal and approved, approved with conditions or disapproved, based on the standards in Chapter 7: Signs.
2) If the application is not resubmitted within 30 days, the application shall be considered withdrawn.
4. Effect of Sign Permit. Issuance of a sign permit shall authorize only the particular signage approved in the sign permit. A sign permit, including any conditions, shall run with the land and not be affected by a change in ownership.

5. Expiration. A sign permit shall expire at the end of one year after the date of its initial approval if the sign(s) are not constructed.

6. Extension. Upon written request, one six-month extension of the sign permit may be granted by the Zoning Inspector for good cause shown.

7. Amendment. A sign permit may be amended, extended or modified only in accordance with the procedures and standards established for its original approval.

8. Violations. Sign violations shall be treated as violations of this Ordinance and the Building Code.