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§ 8.3J. Temporary Use Permit

1. Applicability. The provisions of this section shall apply to all proposed temporary uses as set forth in § 4.3: Accessory and Temporary Uses and Structures, unless otherwise specifically exempted.
2. Procedure.
a) Initiation, Submission and Review of Application. The procedures for initiation of an application for a temporary use permit, the application contents, fees, application submission, sufficiency determination and review of the application by City staff shall comply with those relevant provisions in § 8.1: General Provisions.
b) Action by City Planner. Within 30 days after the application is determined sufficient, the City Planner shall review the application and approve, approve with conditions or disapprove the application for temporary use permit based on the relevant standards in § 4.3: Accessory and Temporary Uses and Structures.
3. Standards. A temporary use permit shall be approved upon a finding that the temporary use, as proposed, complies with the relevant standards in § 4.3: Accessory and Temporary Uses and Structures.
4. Permit Issued. All approved applications shall be issued a temporary use permit authorizing the establishment of the approved temporary use. The temporary use permit shall be subject to the time limits and expiration provisions set forth in § 4.3: Accessory and Temporary Uses and Structures.
5. When Effective. A temporary use permit shall be effective beginning on the date of approval.
6. Expiration. All temporary use permits shall expire within six months.
7. Extension. Upon written request, one six-month extension may be granted by the City Planner for good cause shown.
8. Amendment. A temporary use permit may be amended, extended or modified only in accordance with the procedures and standards established for its original approval.