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§ 10.1. Enforcement
A. City Planner Enforces Ordinance. In accordance with Section 125 of the Michigan City and Village Zoning Act, Pub. Act 207 of 1921, the City Planner shall be responsible for enforcing any provision of this Ordinance:
1. Through the issuance either of a municipal civil infraction violation notice or of a municipal civil infraction citation; or
2. Through the institution of appropriate legal action to prevent, restrain, correct, enjoin or abate any violation of the provisions of this Ordinance; or
3. Through legal action to abate a public or private nuisance.
B. On-Site Inspections Authorized. In any municipal civil infraction action, or any action or proceeding in equity for the violation of any provision of this Ordinance, the City Planner shall have the authority to conduct an on-site inspection of the land where such violation is alleged to have occurred.