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Permitted with Development Standards
Uses are permitted by right in the zoning district(s) in which they are listed, provided that they are developed with the listed development standards. The development standards listed are intended to manage potential impacts associated with it, making it appropriate in a location where it might otherwise have not been allowed.
Development Standards for Individual Land Uses (Chapter 4)
The following details the uses listed in Table 4.1-1 Use Table and describes any development standards necessary: § 50-4.4: Use definition and standards.
The following details the accessory uses and structures listed in Table 4.5-1 Accessory Uses and Structures and detail any development standards necessary. § 50-4.5C Use definition and standards.

Development Standards for Zoning Districts (Chapter 5)
Development and redevelopment in zoning districts shall follow the standards in this section. § 50-5.1C Development standards.
(1) Standards defined. The standards that regulate development are generally defined in §  50-5.2, which include building siting, height, use, street facing facades.
(2) Districts with lot type standards (refer to Table 5.1-1, Permitted Lot Types by District) follow the standards for the selected lot type, as outlined beginning with §  50-5.6, Lot Type Standards.
(3) Districts with dimension standards follow the standards listed in Table 5.1-2, Dimension Standards by District.

Development Standards for All Development (Chapter 6)
All development in all zone districts shall comply with all applicable standards in this Chapter 6, unless specifically exempted in the subsections below, or unless a different standard is required by an applicable overlay district. These standards shall apply in addition to:
A.Those district-specific standards listed in Chapters 2 and 3 (for the zone district(s) where the property is located); and
B.Those use-specific standards listed in Chapter 4 (as applicable to the proposed use); and
C.Those density/intensity/dimensional standards in Chapter 5.

In the event of any conflict between the standards set forth in this Chapter 6 and the standards set forth in Chapters 2 through 5, the latter shall govern.